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Scandalous Lyrics – TLC – TLC 2017 Album

Scandalous Lyrics I think I want you Come here I don’t wanna be disappointed tomorrow I just know that I wanna touch you today Hope that I won’t have to regret this tomorrow I’m not that type of girl to just give it away Oh boy, you were meant for this Do some different shit, […]

Aye MuthaFucka Lyrics – TLC – TLC 2017 Album

Aye MuthaFucka Lyrics I think it’s funny How I could’ve been with anybody You caught me when I was on the coming-up To end up with you Ain’t that some shit? Ain’t that some shit? You want me going your way If it ain’t going my way (going my way) Call yourself tryin’ to play […]

Joy Ride Lyrics – TLC – TLC 2017 Album

Joy Ride Lyrics Thank you I just wanna say thank you Sittin’ here thinkin’ about everything My momma told me That I would always make it this far I can’t make sense of everything (everything) But I know one thing I gave it all of my heart I’m broke and lonely Sometimes I was afraid […]

Perfect Girls Lyrics – TLC – TLC 2017 Album

Perfect Girls Lyrics Look in the broken mirror I see the pieces of my face on the floor What’s it gonna take not to feel like this anymore? Livin’ for the outside but you’re always lonely Don’t know who you are when the makeup’s off… who are you? Doesn’t take much to lose yourself…. Perfect […]

Start A Fire Lyrics – TLC – TLC 2017 Album

Start A Fire Lyrics I can start a fire Even in your sleep Maybe we can start a riot While you rest in me Taking off like a red eye I’m the last one to leave Sippin’ me for a nightcap Got you bustin’ in your dreams Oh yeah…oh yeah…oh yeah…oh yeah You can find […]

American Gold Lyrics – TLC – TLC 2017 Album

American Gold Lyrics Pride starts wars Seems love has died Too soon… when will we try? I’ll give breath to save your life Bombs are falling from the sky I’ll be bold enough to fight By your side… by your side I think none of us are safe We been in and out the race […]

Way Back Lyrics – TLC feat. Snoop Dogg – TLC 2017 Album

Way Back Lyrics [T-Boz:] It’s been a long, long time comin’ Ain’t seen you around Time keeps on passin’ But you still my bitch Can’t tell us nothin’ And it’s nothin’ but a thing, to pick up where we left off (yeah) [Chilli:] Don’t you ever think Back on all that other shit we went […]